Enhancing Community Vitality: Exploring Preble County, OH's Parks and Recreation

Enhancing Community Vitality: Exploring Preble County, OH's Parks and Recreation Main Photo

3 Jul 2024


July marks the celebration of National Parks and Recreation Month, a tradition spanning nearly four decades. Embrace the spirit of summer by discovering the natural beauty of Preble County, OH, which boasts over a dozen parks alongside numerous nearby hiking trails, streams, and scenic landscapes.

Explore the region's best parks, each offering unique experiences and opportunities for outdoor enjoyment. Celebrate this July by immersing yourself in the natural wonders of Preble County, enjoying memorable moments with loved ones through day hikes, outdoor activities, and the exploration of local parks that embody the essence of summer.

Visit the State and Local Parks in Preble County, OH

You don't have to travel far to explore Ohio's natural wonders. Here are a few can't-miss parks in Preble County, OH. See how many you can visit this July.

Camden Devil's Backbone/Wagers Memorial Park: A 24-acre park near Camden featuring hiking trails amidst scenic limestone formations, fossils, a creek, waterfalls, and plans for future upgrades as a wildlife sanctuary.

Fort St. Clair: Originally a historic fort from the Northwest Indian War, it is now a 77-acre park in Eaton. The park offers playgrounds, picnic areas, hiking trails, a cabin, and an outdoor fireplace with a grill. It also houses Miss Preble, a WWII Sherman tank.

Garber Nature Center: Preble County's first county park, featuring the Allen and Adaline Garber Nature Center with educational trails through Garber Forest. Highlights include a handicapped accessible boardwalk to a viewing platform at the Old Oak Tree and the Sandpiper Wetland, home to diverse wildlife.

Hueston Woods State Park: Southwest Ohio's Hueston Woods State Park offers diverse recreational activities, including boating on Acton Lake, hiking through a virgin forest, fishing, camping, swimming at the beach, and lodging in a scenic setting.

Lewisburg Community Walking Path: A scenic 1-mile path perfect for jogging, walking, and biking, encircling Lewisburg's well-maintained community park system.

Mulberry Pheasant Farm: Offers premier hunting experiences for pheasants, quail, and partridge in a beautiful natural setting.

Tyler'sville Community Park: In Camden, Tyler'sville Community Park features a new splash pad, playground equipment, basketball court, picnic shelters, grassy play areas, benches, and upcoming walking paths.

Wild Hearts African Farm and Petting Zoo: Experience guided tours showcasing conservation efforts with animals from around the world, including African dairy goats, tortoises, ducks, hawks, and more. The farm also offers interactive feeding and educational opportunities.

Visiting Local Parks Supports Regional Economic Development 

Visiting state and local parks in Preble County, OH, not only enriches your experience but also directly fuels economic development. Your support through park admissions or annual passes contributes to hiring park rangers and stewards who safeguard our natural resources.

These funds also go towards maintaining the parks, including crucial tasks like invasive species removal and litter cleanup, which preserve local wildlife habitats. Enhancing the quality of life in Preble County, OH, will ensure that it remains an attractive place to live and visit for generations.

Whether admission is charged or free, your visit matters. Each visit helps gauge park usage and visitor interest, influencing additional funding for park improvements and expanding educational programs for children, families, and adults. Your engagement supports the sustainability and growth of our parks, contributing to the overall vitality of Preble County, OH.

Learn How Preble County Development Partnership Supports Quality of Life in Preble County, OH

The state and local parks in Preble County, OH, contribute to our region's quality of life. Preble County Development Partnership strives to support the area's child care, education, housing, and recreational assets. Learn more about our hard work and how our efforts improve economic development in Preble County, OH. Visit our recreation page or contact us to learn more.