The Pathway to Stability and Prosperity is Through Homeownership in Preble County, Ohio

The Pathway to Stability and Prosperity is Through Homeownership in Preble County, Ohio Main Photo

12 Jun 2024


Choosing to relocate to Preble County, OH, is a wise financial move. Despite the current higher interest rates, the median home price in this area is an affordably-valued $187,000—53% lower than the national average. What's more, Preble County is strategically located between three of Zillow's hottest housing markets, making it a prime spot for real estate investment. With its proximity to major metropolitan areas like Indianapolis, IN, Cincinnati, OH, and Columbus, OH, Preble County offers a unique blend of affordability and urban convenience.

June marks National Homeownership Month, a time to recognize the significance of homeownership and its pivotal role in strengthening communities nationwide. This month-long celebration reminds people of the many benefits of owning a home and its positive impact on families, neighborhoods, and local economies. The Preble County Development Partnership proudly celebrates National Homeownership Month by promoting homeownership as a pathway to stability and prosperity.

Why We Celebrate National Homeownership Month

The celebration of National Homeownership Month is rooted in the belief that owning a home is a cornerstone of the American Dream. Homeownership is more than just acquiring a piece of property; it represents stability, pride, and a long-term investment in one's future. Homeownership Month provides an opportunity to educate potential homeowners about the benefits and challenges of purchasing a home and highlights the need for accessible and affordable housing.

Exploring the Impact of Homeownership in Preble County, OH

Homeownership in Preble County, OH, offers more than just a place to live. It's a gateway to community engagement, long-term stability, and financial security. The equity you build in your home can serve as a valuable asset for future investments or unexpected expenses. With residential real estate appreciating at an average of 3 to 5% annually, homeownership in Preble County is a solid long-term investment that can help you build wealth over time.

Homeownership is a key player in fostering vibrant and resilient communities. It expands the community tax base, which can help lighten the tax burden on individuals. Research also shows a direct link between higher homeownership rates and lower crime rates, underscoring the positive influence of stable housing on neighborhood safety. By choosing to invest in a home in Preble County, you're not just securing your future, but also investing in our community's future.

Homeowners are more likely to be actively involved in their communities, volunteering more frequently, supporting local businesses, and contributing to the economy. They are also more inclined to engage in civic activities and elections, which are essential for a vibrant democracy. According to research by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), every two home sales support one new job, demonstrating the wide-ranging economic benefits of homeownership.

Discover Your Path to Homeownership

Here at the Preble County Development Partnership, we’re here to help you find your place in Preble County. We offer a variety of resources to help you make the most of your move. 

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