Meet Preble County’s Workforce!

Meet Preble County’s Workforce! Main Photo

9 Oct 2023


Preble County, OH, is proud to showcase our hard-working and talented workforce! The Preble County Development Partnership (PCDP) is dedicated to being the “go-to” for site selectors and business owners who are looking for an ideal location. One way we accomplish this is by creating an in-depth profile on the workforce in the county! This way you can find the best place that is going to fit your business needs for the long haul!

View Online Profile of Preble County’s Workforce

Preble County is blessed with a dedicated, well-trained, and skilled workforce that is employed within several thriving industries here. These industries include manufacturing, educational services, retail, healthcare, public administration, food service, and more. The PCDP’s workforce profile also includes demographics on the population, area businesses, housing & income, educational attainment, and employment. Click here to learn more about Preble County and our workforce today!